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Crédit Coopératif: the bank for transitions

Created more than 100 years ago to finance Production Cooperative Societies, Crédit Coopératif finances the corporate and institutional market in line with its ethical and societal requirements.

“Crédit Coopératif is a cooperative bank in which all customers are members,” explains Guillaume Rabaste, head of corporate customers for the Hauts-de-France, Grand-Est and Centre-Val de Loire regions. “We define ourselves as an ethical bank and we want to be transparent about the circulation of our money. These are the fundamental principles of our banking activity. “

Crédit Coopératif has recently joined the network of members of the IAR cluster. “Because the values carried by the players in the bio-economy are in line with our own. We want to be the bank that supports transitions. Industrial, energetic, ecological, digital, social, etc. transitions…”

In concrete terms, Crédit Coopératif is the banking partner of rev3, the Third Industrial Revolution in Hauts-de-France. “We offer our members savings at an attractive rate, which enables us to finance projects that are part of the rev3 dynamic”.

In this way, the citizens of the Hauts-de-France contribute in a concrete way to the development and creation of jobs in their region, by financing projects related to the following projects:

  • to energy efficiency,
  • to renewable energies
  • energy-producing buildings
  • energy storage,
  • controlled or intelligent networks,
  • innovations in non-motorised mobility…

“Our budget is close to 50 million euros,” continues Guillaume Rabaste.

The bank also offers a complementary solution for financing companies and associations: the Choose your impact loan. “The principle is simple: we grant a reduction in the interest rate if the objectives of improving the borrower’s social and environmental record, set when the loan was contracted, are achieved. This is a concrete incentive. The amount of this loan varies from €700,000 to €5 million.”

These funding solutions are already available to IAR network members. “By joining the Cluster, we are enriching our knowledge of the sector and the players in the bio-economy. We will therefore be able to better understand their issues and design banking solutions tailored to their needs.” concludes Guillaume Rabaste.

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