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INEVO: process engineering specialist

Inevo is an engineering firm specialising in process engineering involving solids, liquids and gases. For 16 years, Inevo has been supporting its clients from R&D to industrialisation.

“For 16 years, we have been supporting start ups and industrialists in the fine chemicals, speciality chemistry, agrochemicals, the food processing industry, cosmetics and biotech sectors, from the design to the optimisation of their industrial processes using solids, liquids and gases,” explains Cécile Lécuyer, sales manager and process engineer. Inevo’s team of 50 people includes 45 doctors and engineers, “all of whom have a core curriculum in process engineering, in addition to a specialised field. This allows us to bring a variety of complementary skills to projects and to build teams that are best suited to meeting our clients’ needs.

Inevo supports projects in France and abroad in four main areas:

  • R&D and indust rialisation (taking into account industrial criteria at an early stage, estimating CAPEX and OPEX investments, analysing value)
  • Environment and safety (optimisation, recycling, valuing, etc. Inevo offers a responsible and economically profitable approach and assists its clients in understanding and controlling their processes to guarantee safety)
  • Engineering and industrialisation (Inevo supports existing units in increasing capacity, optimising proc esses, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations, treating and valuing effluents)
  • Digital and data analysis (simplifying and structuring process data; saving time by structuring and enriching data with calculation blocks; better monitoring of processes to optimise them and forecast production)

“We work with start ups as well as large groups [ Afyren, Sanofi, Gattefossé, Basf, Saint Gobain, Framatome, Suez…], we obviously adapt to their speci ficities, but our proven work methodology remains the same”, explains Cécile Lecuyer. “We have two ways of working: either we carry out projects from our offices, or we send our engineers directly to the site, within the company we are working with. Compan ies can call on our expertise when they are in the industrialisation phase of their product or scaling up, or when they encounter problems… We have all the necessary skills and tools to help them model, build and optimise all their production processes.


We have been members of the IAR cluster for several years. It is an excellent way for us to keep up to date with product innovations. Gatherings such as the 24h of IAR also allow us to meet members and to offer them our skills to car ry out their projects. Many of the cluster’s members are in the R&D phase on the product side, and in the future they will have to produce on a larger scale. We are able to support them in this dimensioning.

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