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Bio-based Materials Community

Taking advantage of the differentiating properties of bio-based materials

Construction, packaging, furniture, sports and leisure, transport: the applications of bio-based materials are numerous, and they can become sustainable solutions. B4C’s  Bio-based Materials  community aims to accelerate these transitions.  

Plant fractions for insulation in the building industry, biobased polymers for performance, alternatives to cotton in the textile industry, lighter composite parts thanks to plant fibres… Bio-based materials offer a more sustainable and responsible future.

The community is working in particular on five priority areas:

  • Increasing the performance of bio-based materials,
  • Optimising production costs,
  • Adapting the use of bio-based materials,
  • Anticipating their end of life,
  • Improving communication on solutions and the know-how of actors.

Change through the bioeconomy in pictures

Wood and cork fibre insulation system (by SOPREMA)

Vehicle interiors with natural fibres, reducing CO2 emissions (by FORVIA)

Ski boots made of high performance bio-based polymers (by ARKEMA)

Tennis racket with flax fibres in its structure (by ECO-TECHNILIN)

Exclusives of the “Bio-based Materials” community

  • More than 15 years of expertise in natural fibres, polymers and bio-based composites
  • Animation based on a strategic office of key players, from industry to academia
  • Setting up international delegations to exchange and collaborate with new partners
  • Definition of a roadmap and action plan around its strategic axes
  • Intensification of upstream-downstream networking
  • Strengthening of industrial transfer arrangements
  • Organisation of technical days, work groups, webinars, site visits, etc.
  • Support for projects from the set-up stage to certification
  • Highlighting the players of tomorrow and new solutions

Our “Bio-based Materials” members

Community governance


Pierre BONO

Director FRD-CODEM


Patrice DOLE

Director of Research CTCPA



FCBA Project Manager

Strategic Office

Action focus

Biobased composites 2022 booklet

Produced by B4C since 2014, the booklet provides an overview of the integration of biobased components in materials, reminding us of certain definitions, specifying contextual elements and presenting the expert players of the Bioeconomy For Change network along the value chain.

Our B4C specialist


Innovation Manager, Bio-based Materials