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Bio-based Molecules & Related Processes Community

Focusing on green chemistry and industrial biotechnologies

The development of innovative chemical or biotechnological processes is at the heart of the “Bio-based Molecules & Related Processes” community. The aim is to produce, in a sustainable and responsible manner, mainly biosourced molecules that can advantageously replace current petroleum-based solutions.

The “Bio-based Molecules & Related Processes” community’s activities are based on three work groups.

The first is dedicated to molecules and active ingredients, i.e. all molecules with biological activity. The second is dedicated to functional ingredients, such as platform molecules, surfactants and polymers. A third work group, which appears to be cross-disciplinary to the first two, deals with safety, regulations and eco-design, fundamental notions in the development of biomolecules.

By combining scientific mastery, technological expertise and respect for the environment, B4C and its members are contributing to the emergence of green chemistry, industrial biotechnology and the use of biosourced molecules in many application sectors.

Change through the bioeconomy in pictures

100% bio-based and eco-designed nail polish (by YVES-ROCHER)

Biobased paints

Tyres made of 53% biobased materials (by MICHELIN)

FT-ICR-MS* equipment at the University of Rouen

The exclusive events of the “Bio-based Molecules & Related Processes” community

  • Deliverables related to regulation, safety and eco-design (LCA study, database of suspected molecules of concern, etc.)
  • Work on functional ingredients such as solvents or surfactants, addressing issues related to processes (scaling up, purification, etc.)

  • Work on molecules or active principles, with the mention of subjects such as artificial intelligence or the characterisation of the biological activity of biosourced molecules

  • Setting up cross-cutting discussions with the other B4C communities (Bio-based Materials, Food & Feed, etc.)

  • Definition of a roadmap and action plan around its strategic axes
  • Intensification of upstream-downstream networking
  • Strengthening of industrial transfer arrangements
  • Organisation of technical days, work groups, webinars, site visits, etc.
  • Support for projects from the set-up stage to certification
  • Highlighting the players of tomorrow and new solutions

Our “Bio-based
Molecules & Related Processes” members

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Open Innovation Team Leader at SEPPIC


Juliette MARTIN

R&D Partnerships Manager at SEQENS

Strategic Office

Member focus

Minafin Group: the EcoXtract revolution

The Group has developed an innovative and patented vegetable oil extraction system based on a biosourced product: methyloxolane. A sustainable alternative derived from the recycling of sugar cane that will provide the food industry with vegetable oils and proteins for healthy and safe human and animal nutrition. This technology, which has won awards in France, is also supported at European level by the Horizon 2020 programme and has been awarded the Solar Impulse label.

Our B4C specialist

photo de Audrey Magnin


Innovation Manager, Bio-based Molecules & Related Processes