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Moving towards a low carbon world

Bioenergy, mainly from biomass, is an alternative to fossil fuels. B4C’s goal is to make them a lever for economic and ecological growth.

A large part of the Bioenergies community is focused on the production and use of biomass for industrial and energy purposes. The approach is transversal and cross-field. It aims to take advantage of all the strengths and interactions of the network to capitalise on knowledge and develop future technologies around bioenergy.

The challenge is major: to move away from fossil fuels to low-carbon sources, to reduce France’s energy dependence, to respond to the guidelines of the Climate and Resilience Act, and to build an economy that creates jobs.

The movement has been launched and follows a realistic trajectory that should lead to carbon neutrality in 2050. The Community is fully committed to this perspective.

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Change through the bioeconomy in pictures

Methanisation unit

Wood pellets

Liquid and gaseous biofuels

Sustainable jet fuels

The Bioenergies community exclusivities

  • Animation of a community of more than 100 stakeholders, led by a Board of Experts, and representing various sectors: solid bioenergies, renewable gases and liquid biofuels.
  • Steering four thematic working groups: regulations and policies, socio-economic and environmental externalities, resources, technological processes.
  • Producing strategic publications such as the Bioenergy White Book
  • Defining a roadmap and action plan around its strategic axes
  • Intensification of upstream-downstream networking
  • Strengthening of industrial transfer arrangements
  • Organisation of technical days, work groups, webinars, site visits, etc.
  • Support for projects from the set-up stage to certification
  • Highlighting the players of tomorrow and new solutions

Our “Bioenergies” members

Community governance


Thierry DANIEL

North East Delegate at GRTGAZ


Frédéric MARTEL



Maurice NONUS

Retired teacher-researcher at UTC



Teacher-researcher at UNILASALLE BEAUVAIS

Strategic Office

Member focus

UniLaSalle Beauvais campus: from algae to biomethane, a first in France

logo unilasalle

The campus is home to the Algue 4 Biomethane demonstrator, an experimental platform for the methanisation of micro-algae for the production of renewable gas. The whole concept is based on the valorisation of biomass. The test platform allows for the testing of the right mix of manure from the farm adjacent to the installation and the micro-algae intended to produce biomethane. This programme aims to demonstrate the feasibility of a virtuous loop that should lead to the emergence of an algal biorefinery concept.

Our B4C specialist

Photo de Alexiane Desbiens


Innovation Manager, Bioenergies