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EPI France: 100% of plant active substances scientifically tested

Established in the Aisne since 1997, EPI France (Extraction Purification Innovation France) specialises in plant extraction and the development of new active ingredients for cosmetics and food supplements.

Hailing from the Aisne, Valérie Bizot and Thierry Krikilion decided to combine their skills (in biochemistry for her; in engineering, automation and electrical engineering for him) and set up their company in their native land. “By establishing ourselves in the Aisne, we benefit from local sourcing for the raw materials, plants and cereals, and the processing aids, such as agricultural ethanol, that we need. In our factory in Villers-sur-Fère, we manage the entire production process, from the reception of raw materials to the purification of the active ingredient, including packaging and shipping.” explains Valérie Bizot, President of EPI France.

The company specialises in the design and manufacture of purified natural active ingredients for cosmetics and food supplements: “We design active ingredients using ecological extractions, in which we replace toxic solvents and reagents with eco-labelled manufacturing auxiliaries. Our aim is to market natural ingredients that can then be certified by eco-labels such as Ecocert or Cosmos.” continues Valérie Bizot.

Scientific validation: a guarantee for customers

EPI France also provides its customers with products that have scientifically proven effectiveness. “The effectiveness of our active ingredients is systematically proven by clinical studies. This scientific validation process sets us apart from other players on the market. It is a strong argument and a guarantee for our customers.” Thanks to this scientific rigour, E.P.I. France’s active ingredients are approved by the biggest players in the cosmetics and nutrition industry in France and abroad.

In addition to the cosmetics and dietary supplements markets, EPI France’s main activities, the pet market will soon be added. The company is developing active ingredients for which it will have the same requirements in terms of results and scientific rigour as for products intended for humans. “But it is still a little early to go into detail about our new range of active ingredients. We will keep the IAR network informed. “

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