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RITTMO: offers for agricultural change

A private development and research centre created in 2001, RITTMO designs innovative solutions to encourage the return of organic matter to the soil and support the development of sustainable agriculture. Here is a close-up on its SaaGES and offers.

SaaGES: Solutions and Actions to Mitigate Greenhouse Gas Emissions

“We have long been aware of the problems of storing organic matter and carbon in soils,” explains Laure Thévenin Metzger, Director of Rittmo. “We have therefore been very interested in carbon sobriety issues, low-carbon labels, etc. and we have been struck by the distress of companies faced with these issues. These are indeed complex issues that affect all sectors of the company: production, logistics, transport, consumables, heating, energy, etc.” Rittmo has therefore developed a support offer that provides personalised answers to the needs of each company. Based on the carbon assessment carried out by its teams and its partner experts, Rittmo assists companies in :

  • • identifying the levers,
  • • identifying the technological obstacles to the use of these levers,
  • • the implementation of services to unlock the technological barriers,
  • providing multi-actor support services to draw up specifications for changes acceptable to the various actors

« SaaGES is mainly aimed at agricultural processing companies. We have our own expertise in the recovery, return to the soil and energy conversion of biomass. For everything related to industrial processes, we have established partnerships with agro-industrial technical institutes in order to offer the best possible expertise to our clients. »

For this service (carbon assessment + identification of levers + proposal of an action plan) financial aid is possible, up to 60% for companies with less than 250 employees and 40% for those with less than 500.

Read more the innovative tool for choosing fertiliser products

« We have just launched, an easy-to-use online tool that provides farmers with complete and detailed information sheets on innovative fertilisers on the market, » continues Laure Thévenin Metzger. The database currently lists 200 of the products validated by ANSES, and will include nearly 600 by the summer. “We have given priority to these products because of their innovative nature and their lower environmental impact, but we remain open to listing products marketed by other means.”

The farmer will find all the information on the agronomic presentation of the product, its typology (amendment , fertilizer , biostimulant …), its claimed agronomic effects (providing nutrients, improving soil properties, stimulating root development…), its form (liquid, solid, powder…). “The datasheets also indicate whether the products contain raw materials from the circular economy, and whether they are compatible with organic farming.” Intended for cereal, vegetable and wine crops, is free for farmers. “On the other hand, the listing of products by marketers will be subject to a fee and will help finance the operation of our platform. Our objective is to provide the most comprehensive information possible to farmers and to federate a community around our tool » concludes Laure Thévenin Metzger.

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Christian Rousseau, farmer and President of Rittmo

With, we wanted to build a reference system, a bit like e-phy for plant protection products, which could inform users about the composition and uses of organic matter. This tool, which is constantly evolving to provide the most in-depth knowledge possible, will above all make our agriculture more autonomous with regard to imported materials, and will facilitate the evaluation of the carbon footprint of our agri-food sectors.


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