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Activation: innovative synthetic processes for industry

Activation, a service company created in 2003, specialises in the research and development of innovative synthetic processes, mainly by catalysis and in continuous flow. Last June, it took a new step in its development by setting up a production site in Meyrié (Isère).

Vivien Henryon, a chemical researcher and founder of the company, first worked in large groups such as Rhône-Poulenc and Aventis before creating Activation in 2003. “In creating Activation, the objective was to explore new reaction areas, to combine chemistry and technology in a fast and fluid way for industry. Our job is to accompany our clients from the molecule to the industrial step, by putting all our expertise at their service in the development of innovative, ecological and economical processes.”


To do this, Activation has an R&D centre in Chassieu (69) and last June it opened a production site in Meyrié (38). “Today, we can accompany our customers at every stage, from design to production of their products. In R&D, we define the synthetic pathway and, having understood the needs of the reactions involved, we build the appropriate demonstrator, the pre-factory in short, by ensuring its automation and operation. In this process, we think about the raw materials used, particularly bio-based ones, we work on energy reduction and the reduction of effluents by combining chemistry and technology as best we can. The aim is to offer our customers the best environmental and economic performance for their processes,” explains Vivien Henryon. “With our new site in Meyrié, we can offer productions of up to several dozen tonnes per year with continuous production technologies. This site will enable us to reduce time to market and ensure faster commercial launches of our customers’ new products.”


Vivien Henryon continues, “There is what I call a Valley of Death in the world of chemistry between R&D and the commercial launch of a product. It is a phase of transition, uncertainty and risk. Activation aims to be the link between these two phases of development. We offer our clients the possibility of defining and assembling production units depending on their needs and the maturity of the target market(s), without having to make heavy investments. We thus enable them to secure their approach, perfect the manufacturing processes and refine the engineering for their future production.”


Why join the B4C cluster?

Activation has been a member of the cluster for ten years. For us, it is the possibility of having access to documentary resources and information on biobased raw materials. Without a tool like the Agrobiobase, we would not know where to find this type of information… Secondly, we join the cluster for the quality of its membership network and the partnership opportunities it offers.


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