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Leadership is learned

For the past 10 years, Visconti Partners’ coaches have been accompanying managers of SMEs, ETIs, VSEs, large groups and start-ups to strengthen their skills, increase the value of the company, restore pleasure and balance in their lives.  

“We accompany business managers like a sports coach would do with an athlete” explains Laurent Hutin, Visconti coach. “Our objective is, on the one hand, to help them improve their performance in their job as managers and, on the other hand, to make their lives more comfortable and enjoyable at work. »

“I’m totally overwhelmed…”; “I don’t understand why my business isn’t growing faster…”; “I feel that I don’t control my agenda”; “I’m alone to think and decide” are some examples of the difficulties addressed by the coached directors. “Time management is a recurring theme. Leaders lack it and often sacrifice their personal time. With methods and tools that are simple to implement, we manage to make them recover 10 to 15% of their time to gain in efficiency and comfort of life.”

All Visconti’s coaches are senior executives or former senior executives “who come from a variety of backgrounds such as construction, finance, retail, industry, consulting… and who have in common a great deal of experience in the management profession and its difficulties” continues Laurent Hutin.

A tried and tested methodology

On the strength of this experience, Visconti’s coaches have developed a coaching methodology based on 5 principles:

  • Master (the essentials of company management)
  • Developing (customer value; acquire new customers; integrate or diversify…),
  • Investing (in technology and innovation; recruiting; developing quality and production),
  • Management (building an organisation, motivating teams, developing leadership…)
  • Undertaking (framing and launching a new project, changing governance and/or capital, restructuring, buying, merging, selling…)

“We work on these aspects with the manager according to his or her current situation, the urgency of the situations to be dealt with or the difficulties encountered, in the form of a workshop every fortnight and a report returned within 48 hours,” explains Laurent Hutin. “Between two workshops, the coach is completely available for the manager, whether it is to answer a question, offer help or establish a profitable relationship within the Visconti ecosystem… Coaching stops when the manager decides it is no longer necessary.”

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