The Regions

Grand Est, Hauts-de-France and Normandy in the lead in the bioeconomy

The Grand Est, Hauts-de-France and Normandy Regions are now leaders in the bioeconomy at national and European level. Their leitmotiv is to develop ambitious innovation and industrialisation projects to create value and jobs locally, while meeting the requirements of environmental and economic transition.
Bioeconomy For Change supports this commitment by providing its three privileged partners with all its expertise and the power of its network.
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Grand Est Region

The assets

Focus on the new “Economy of the Living” strategy

Réunion sur la Stratégie "économies du vivant"

The 2019-2022 regional bioeconomy strategy, integrated into the Business Act (the Region’s recovery and reconquest plan), has made it possible to transform the Grand Est by using the bioeconomy as a means of economic, agricultural, environmental and societal transition.

  • 61 projects supported for around €10 million committed by the Region, for a total budget of around €650 million
  • Several companies have been set up, such as Afyren, Circa and Garnica
  • 5 sector contracts, including two (biointrants and plant fibres) signed in 2022 during the Bioeconomy Week at the Châlons Fair

In order to consolidate its position as a leading territory at European level, the Region has launched its new strategy, “Economy of the Living to 2030”, in a continuity of circularity and sustainability, positioning in particular agriculture as a vector of development. The contours of this new dynamic were unveiled in September 2022 at the Bioeconomy General Assembly organised by the Grand Est Region in Châlons-en-Champagne, in partnership with B4C.

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Hauts-de-France Region

The assets

A Bioeconomy Master Plan in the REV3 dynamic

Un Master Plan Bioéconomie dans la dynamique REV3

Since 2018, through the Master Plan Bioeconomy, more than €100 million in funding has been dedicated to projects, creating many non delocalizable jobs. The development of the protein, bioenergy and bio-based materials and products sectors are all challenges to be met in order to promote the growth of the bioeconomy in Hauts-de-France.

These issues are part of the regional REV3 dynamic, the 3rd industrial revolution in Hauts-de-France, which aims to transform the region into one of the most advanced European regions in terms of transitions.

  • Make Hauts-de-France the European leader in proteins (plant proteins, insects, micro-algae, etc.)

  • Develop bio-based materials in the transport and construction sectors: flax, straw, wood

  • Increase the share of biogas in the energy mix with a target of 25% of renewable energy produced in the region by 2025

  • Supporting biotechnologies to bring out the molecules of interest of tomorrow, those that will transform our society and provide alternatives to equivalent molecules from oil

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Normandy Region

The assets

An ambitious bioeconomy strategy for 2035

Une stratégie bioéconomie ambitieuse, à horizon 2035

In May 2022, Normandy, in collaboration with Bioeconomy For Change, organised its first Bioeconomy General Assembly, which successfully brought together more than 200 public and industrial stakeholders in the sector.

The event provided input for a global strategy for Normandy, focusing on the key sectors of the regional bioeconomy: plant proteins and new resources; plant fibres; biosourced chemistry and polymers; blue bioeconomy; bioenergy.

This participatory work has resulted in concrete commitments and actions that are already being implemented to make Normandy a French and European leader in the bioeconomy by 2035.

  • Create value by transforming its bioresources on its territory
  • To contribute to the maintenance and creation of local jobs
  • To secure, increase and diversify the income of Norman farmers by processing and adding value to local resources
  • Attract French and foreign investment to the region
  • Respond to societal demand for access to sustainable and local products
  • Develop European research and industrialisation partnerships
  • Involve Normandy’s bioeconomy players in national and European dynamics
  • Participate in the decrease of the environmental impact of many sectors and products
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B4C’s support

Historically anchored in the Grand Est and Hauts-de-France regions, but also since 2021 in Normandy, Bioeconomy For Change leads a privileged territory of innovation to develop the bioeconomy, biorefineries and new generations of bio-based products. B4C is a key instrument in the development and implementation of the bioeconomy strategies of these regions, all of which are aiming for European leadership.

  • Co-definition and implementation of sector contracts for biofuels, fibres and bio-inputs, plant chemistry & biotechnologies, sustainable proteins
  • Co-organisation of the Bioeconomy Week in the Grand Est region and contribution to the Bioeconomy General Assembly (September 2022 – Foire de Châlons)
  • Creation and management of the official portal for the bioeconomy in the Grand Est region
  • Co-animation of the DAS Bioeconomy of the Hauts-de-France Region
  • Participation in the Innovation pillar of the Agro Hauts-de-France hub
  • Partner of the ORBE project (Biomass Observatory)
  • Vice-Presidency of EuraIndustryInnov
  • Creation and management of the official portal for the bioeconomy in Hauts-de-France
  • Territorial bioeconomy diagnostic study (plant proteins, bio-based materials, bio-based chemistry, blue bioeconomy and bioenergy) carried out to feed the regional strategy
  • Co-organisation of the Normandy Bioeconomy General Assembly (April 2022) to draw up a regional action plan
  • Co-organisation of the day of restitution of the regional protein plan and reflections on the directions to be pursued, leading to the launch of a second protein AMI (call for proposals) carried by the Region and B4C
  • Launch of a blue bioeconomy AMI carried by the Region and B4C
  • Creation and management of the official portal for the bioeconomy in Normandy

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