The METHA-HYN project is developing a combination of technologies aimed at increasing the productivity of anaerobic digestion units while limiting the overall production costs.


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CHARLIE is a project for an industrial demonstrator of a process for liquefying biogas generated by methanisation of organic agricultural waste in order to collect, transport and treat it for commercial distribution. Objective: to develop a technological solution enabling methanisation units far from the gas network to diversify the use of the biogas produced.


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ECOXTRACT is a demonstration project for the use of the biobased solvent EcoXtract® for the extraction of oilseeds and biological substrates.


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Thanks to an innovative technology, Dry4Good dehydrates foodstuffs while preserving as much as possible their nutritional values and organoleptic qualities, offering an unequalled quality of finished products.


The TAMALGA project aims to explore new algal sources and optimise extraction processes to develop the new generation of Tamalga ingredients, the only ones capable of completely replacing eggs in the main market applications (bakery, etc.). The objective is to propose a new generation of ingredients, optimised for more uses and capable of meeting industrial constraints.


The METHAGRID project aims at developing a process of biological methanation of CO2 and/or syngas coming from the methanisation or gasification of biomass for the production of synthetic biomethane in order to reinforce the energetic and economic valorisation of biogas.


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The BESTS project aims to develop sustainability assessment tools (indicators, models) and to provide new knowledge on the functioning of territorialized bioeconomic systems, seen as all the activities of a territory aiming to substitute fossil resources with agricultural and forest biomass.


SSUCHY is a major European project contributing to the development of composite materials from renewable resources for the transport and audio sectors.


The BIOCHAR 2021 project is an applied research project whose objective is to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of a national sector for the manufacture of soil improvers and crop supports with high agronomic value incorporating biochars, and combining the technical capacities and know-how of composting platforms. The ambition is also to strengthen the competitiveness of territories based on “short circuit” channels for the high added value valorisation of plant co-products endemic to these territories.