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Your innovative industrial project is in its infancy and you want to maximise your chances of success?
We help you de-risk and accelerate your industrialisation by mobilising the necessary resources (financial, human and logistical) to promote the efficient deployment of your project.

Our support involves helping you to identify, choose and mobilize the right ecosystems to set up your future industrial unit, the right financing tools (regional, national, European) and the right partners.

Our services :

  • Analysis of your needs (specifications),
  • Identification of tools and potential partners,
  • Establishing qualifying connections,
  • Assistance with the preparation of funding applications.
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5 industrial successes supported by B4C

Bioeconomy For Change has already supported 5 large-scale industrial projects with disruptive technologies, developed in France:

Our members testify

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The role of B4C has been essential in our fundraising success. B4C helped us understand how calls for projects work: the obligations, the requirements to be met, but also BBI JU’s expectations. The support of B4C in the drafting of our file and their labeling of our project were a real support and a guarantee of credibility. B4C is also an important partner of the After-Biochem project with the responsibility for communication and market development.

Nicolas SORDET,
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B4C advised us and directed us to experts to set up a coherent project. Besides, B4C proofread our project before submission to optimize our chances of success in funding, and it had paid off. Beyond this success, B4C remains a partner for the Scale project as it is responsible for the communication and dissemination of the project’s results.

R&D Innovation Director

Our B4C specialist

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Christophe LUGUEL
Head of Industrialisation & Financing

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