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Do you want to give your training a guarantee of excellence?
We certify training courses at the cutting edge of innovation to prepare for the future and support the development of the bioeconomy. In order to enhance the value of the professions, B4C is also committed to promoting the job offers of its members.

The EDUCATE service acts as an interface between students, training organisations and bioeconomy companies to effectively meet the HR needs of the network’s members.

Our services :

  • Identification of current and future skills needs,
  • Structuring and labelling of a range of excellent training courses in the bioeconomy,
  • Relaying our members’ job, internship and thesis offers within the network.
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B4C accredited training courses

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B4C accreditation is a guarantee of excellence. Firstly, for our members and partners, who identify the courses in which they can recruit future employees with the right skills. Secondly, for the students, who target recognised training courses that meet the needs of French and European industry.

Today, B4C federates an offer of more than 60 labelled training courses!

Dissemination of our members’ job offers

B4C assists you in the recruitment of qualified employees through the dissemination of job offers, internships and theses of the members of the network.

Our member testifies

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The accreditation by B4C in October 2022 of our “Master of Science Agricultural & Food Data Management” course is a major act of recognition. UniLaSalle is pleased to contribute to the development of the bioeconomy by offering high-level training courses that meet the expectations of students and the skills needs of companies in the sector.

Director of Training

Our B4C specialist

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Admin, Finance and Education Assistant

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